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Charmed sisters

Scrivener, Writing, and Theatre, oh my!

For Christmas, my mother-in-law got me the writing software Scrivener. It is awesome! It does an amazing job of organizing your thoughts. It was cool, being able to create an individual file for each character in the document, even small characters that exist merely as background characters. I think I am truly going to enjoy using this gift.

I started using it for my new Phoenix story. I have expanded on some of the ideas. There's going to be a lot on family issues, particularly between the older sister and the Phoenix character. There's going to be romance. And there are going to be some of the tropes from urban fantasy, though I will try to break some as I go. We shall see. I'm just glad I have a story to work on right now.

Last night, hubby and I went to see the musical play Fun Home. I knew nothing about it, other than that it was the Tony award winner of 2015. The play was incredibly powerful, all about the relationship between the main character, Alison, and her father. The story is framed with a middle-aged Alison remembering her life at different times. Two other actresses also play Alison, one as a child, and the other as a new college student. The show is incredibly powerful, full of subtext, and centers around many different themes, some overt, some not. I would really recommend it.

I'm still obsessed with playing with Skyrim. I downloaded the special edition from Steam, which I was able to get for free, due to already having the original on Steam. The new one looks really nice, but I kind of prefer the mods I have with the original version. I've gotten used to working with that one, and it does make gameplay a lot easier. Especially Skyrim UI. I love that mod. The original interface sucks! Especially when you're putting items of different types away into drawers and chests. It makes it really hard to find anything. While playing Skyrim, I started one of the DLC packs, called "Dragonborn." It turned out to be a little...strange. I really like the aesthetic of the island the character is sent to, Solstheim. It's volcanic, and more of a sand deser than the rest of the game. However, things got really weird once I had my character start reading the crazy books for the quests. Suddenly, my character is thrust into a world surrounded by crazy black books, with papers flying up in strange permanent tornadoes, black liquid where tentacles pop out to whip the character, weird creatures called "Seekers" and "Lurkers", and then my character is faced with a giant tentacled eyeball. I'm like, when did I leave high fantasy and go into Lovecraftian horror? I knew the makers of the Elder Scrolls games (Skyrim is number 5) were influenced by H.P. Lovecraft. At least some of the super-powerful evil characters called Daedric Princes had aspects of Lovecraft to them. But this DLC embraces all of the Lovecraftian madness with gusto. It's really fun, if a bit challenging. Luckily, I have a follower called Ludwig (a modded housecarl), a creepy zombie dog that I call "Puppy," and the last two Blades who are there for a separate quest, but won't leave me alone until I finish that particular quest.

My emotions in regards to Spike are getting easier. I don't feel quite as raw as I once did. I still can't think much about it without falling into depression, though, so I don't think about it much. Right now, it still hurts too much to dwell on it.

My other cats are helping, though. Craven is a cuddly tomcat. He loves being picked up and held. He is also the most easy-going cat I have ever met in my life. He's chill with just about anything, except water, and the bed. If he is on the bed, and any human comes near it, it's kitty-cat playtime! He turns into a mini-panther, stalking, swatting, and biting. Beware your fingers, lol. Harley is just funny. She only likes cuddling on *her* time. Most of the time, her attitude is, "Pet me...with your eyes!" However, she has wanted attention from me several times today. And when she's napping on the bed, she's perfectly content to let me pet her, as long as I don't try to pick her up. She also really enjoys chasing shadows and lights on the walls. We know she's hunting when she starts meowing at inanimate objects. It is completely adorable.


I <3 Scrivener.

Seriously, I would marry this software, if Nate hadn't found me first.

I use it for everything:
- a complete archive of every fanfiction I've every written, with complete text of each, sorted by fandom, along with doc files of the larger stories dropped into the reference folder
- organizing my evidence for school
- multiple drafts and editing comparisons of longer works
- creating and compiling each of the ebooks I've ever put up for sale, including cover art, appendixes, and two sets of front/back matter for nook/kindle

I haven't used it for screenplays because I've never written one before, but I can talk about Scrivener for hours. Ask questions, just squee with me, whatever you want. :)

Having other cats definitely helps. It still hurts so much, but at least there's someone fuzzy to cry into and snuggle.