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Charmed sisters

Weekend Update

The weekend was fun and full. On Friday, Piper came over to show me the "good parts" version of Stargate: SG1. She, Prue, Paige, and Saturn have been trying to get me to watch it for years. I resisted for a long time. For one thing, I loved the movie Stargate. Like *loved*! And by the time they made the tv show, I was savvy enough in television that I knew what they were going to do in order to make the tv show. The part that really killed me was that I knew that they were going to have to do something about Sha'uri, Daniel's wife, and my favorite character, in order to get Daniel Jackson to be a main character of the show. Before the show even aired, I knew that she was most likely going to be killed off. What they did was even worse. But that's for later. Somehow, I managed to not watch anything of this show at all over the years, even in spite of my father watching it pretty regularly. I think I was so against this show, I would leave the room and go do something else whenever he started watching it, so I missed all the episodes of it. Eventually, Prue showed me episodes from seasons 8 and 9 with the character of Vala, played by Claudia Black. Those episodes changed my mind about wanting to watch the show. I really enjoyed the episodes I watched with Vala and Mitchell. I was like, okay, I might give this show a chance. So I watched the series premiere, "Children of the Gods." Big. Mistake. I *hate* that episode so much. For one thing, they freaking changed Sha'uri's name to Sha're. I know it's easier to pronounce, but it was still incredibly annoying. Then what they did with that character *pissed* me off. They did everything I was afraid of them doing in the *worst* way they possibly could have. It is a very good thing that "Children of the Gods" was not the first episode of Stargate: SG1 I ever watched, because if it was, no power on this earth would ever have convinced me to watch anything else, because that episode pissed me off so bad. They ruined my favorite character. I know why they did it. I understand. They had to get Daniel Jackson back to Earth, to be a main character on the show. He wasn't going to leave his wife. Therefore, wife had to go. But they had to get rid of her that way? REALLY?!?!


Anyway, so Piper and I watched a few episodes of season one. I definitely liked what I saw. It is a little odd, for me, in how different Jack O'Neill is in the show versus how he was in the movie, but I get it. Back then, characters as dark as Kurt Russell's Jack were seldom if ever main characters in a tv show. It took years before they got there. Nowadays, having a show with a dark and tortured character is no big deal, but back then, it simply wasn't done. Plus Richard Dean Anderson didn't want to play him that dark either. So while the character differences are odd for me, I understand them, and they don't bother me. Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson versus James Spader as Daniel is no difference whatsoever. They did an amazing job keeping that character exactly the same. The additions of Amanda Tapping's Samantha Carter and Christopher Judge's Teal'c are great. Sam is shaping up to be one of my favorite characters. I *love* her. So I am very glad we are watching the show this way, avoiding all the bad episodes, and just focusing on the good ones.

On Saturday, I went in to work to help with my library's Mini How-To Festival. I did a "How to Write a Silly Story" table. And I had a few people, so it was definitely worth it. I had Story Cubes, two storytelling card games, plenty of paper, and pencils for children to write their stories. I had fun doing it, and talking to the children who enjoyed it. One really little one who wasn't quite ready to tell a story just had fun rolling the dice into my hand, then telling me what the picture was on the dice.

That night, we went over to hang out at Neptune's. Her child is utterly adorable! Though she did throw a few tantrums when we were there. I think I'm a horrible person, since I couldn't help but laugh when she started her tantrums. That's a leftover aspect of my childhood. My aunts and uncles did not take tantrums seriously, which is probably good since I threw them a lot when I was little.

Yesterday, hubby and I pretty much did nothing. I did do two decent-length posts in the long term online roleplay board we're doing. I was quite proud of them, especially since in one, my character is acting completely stupid, though she doesn't know that she's being completely stupid, which gives everyone else a lot to post to. While I was posting, I watched the first two Halloween movies, since I'm tired of fighting with my internet over getting Netflix. Then I switched to The Hobbit movies. They're not nearly as good as the Lord of the Rings films, but I still enjoy them. Harley made me laugh while trying to watch them. I would pick her up and cuddle with her. As soon as I let her go, she would run away. Only to return two secondds later, curl up on my lap, and go to sleep. LOL! So she likes to be cuddled, but *only* on her time. Of course.

I woke up this morning, and read Facebook. *sighs* To paraphrase a comic I saw last week, "My need to be well-informed is at war with my need to stay sane." That is all I will say about that.


Do you really have friends named Piper, Prue, and Paige, or are you just trying to convince me you watched SG-1 with the Charmed Ones (plus a planet)?

You have an odd life.


Where's Phoebe?!?
I am Piper, Sara is Phoebe, Lauren is Prue, and our friend Alex is Paige.

I'm still waiting for my Leo.
This explains much.

Perhaps you should hire a handyman?
Yeah, I deleted (again) Facebook off of my device. Sigh.

I am also really enjoying watching Stargate and really enjoying just focusing on the really good episodes. It's a fun way to watch, and certainly the best way to get you hooked ;)

I am really excited for season two! I picked our episodes already.

I don't think that reacting to a child's tantrum with laughter makes you horrible. I think that's one of the better ways to react. :